Turkey Stew with Wild Mushrooms

Tired of chicken and pork worse heartily! And you want something tasty and easy to prepare ... So I remembered the turkey. Its meat is very similar in taste to beef, but prepares much quicker. This time I took the loin instead of fillet (it somewhat dry, compared with the thigh). 

So, cooking - meat washed under running water to remove excess fat and cut into pieces 3-4 cm in size skillet pour vegetable oil, warm it and put the turkey and fry quickly to brown, and then put out under the lid closed 40-50 minutes . (You can check "to the tooth" for softness - the meat should melt in the mouth)
In a separate pan cook vegetables until turkey stew. All this is in the winter does not run away, so a set of traditional vegetables - carrots, onions, turnip, zucchini, tomatoes and herbs.

I cut carrots into sticks, fried and was put out, during which time the onion clear the turnip, cut into cubes and add the carrots, then add the sliced ??zucchini into cubes. The last thing to add tomatoes. I add a variety of cream, they are more fleshy and red. (Tomatoes scalded, remove skin and cut into cubes) In a separate pan, fry and simmer until smooth, which would become a tomato sauce, if the pieces are, they can stretch your shoulder blade, but this time I did not extinguish them to homogeneity . 

Combine all the vegetables in a pan, stir, and add the turkey, salt, pepper to taste, add the chopped herbs - onions, dill, parsley, basil, and you can "dotushivaem" more minute. 10. During the turkey carcass to watch out that no liquid has evaporated, and when combined vegetables with meat, they are saturated with flavor and meat stew is not as dry.

Served with fried potatoes I cooked with mushrooms in brine. Potatoes cut in half, then dolechki, fry and add the mushrooms. 

Both of these dishes can be quite independent, but then one day decided to unite them in one plate.

It is necessary for the stew: 1 kg turkey loin, 3 carrots, 2 onions, 1-2 zucchini, herbs
For the potatoes: 8.10 pc. potatoes, 300 grams of mushrooms, dried dill.

Author : tiaratheblogger // 5:19:00 AM