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I'm sure many people think that cooking methods is banal cooking, frying and baking? This is not so. This is a traditional cooking methods and unfortunately not the most useful. There are at least 10 ways of cooking. This section will give you an idea of which ones are the most useful and why.

For convenience, we have reduced the cooking methods into a single visual table. Sorted with all the ways in descending order on such an important criterion as the safety of vitamins and minerals. To affect their safety first processing temperature and then the processing of food. That's what we've got:

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As we can see from the table cooking methods can be divided into three parts by the degree of safety of vitamins and minerals:

1. Maximum safety

2. Something remains

3. Nothing useful

With raw food all clear: plucked and eaten. Everything of value is received in full safety without loss, because food is not heat treated. Purely vegetarian raw food diet is not shown to all! A healthy diet should be thermally processed foods, especially at dinner, when a weak digestive fire.

Dried foods also do not cause problems. To this type of food are first fruits, as it can be dried vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, etc.)

In the process of steaming preserves the maximum amount of nutrients. Since the steam temperature no higher than 100 degrees, and the destruction of many nutrients occurs at a temperature of 118 degrees.

When cooking on the grill nutrients stored only the first 2-3 minutes, then the food is exposed to high temperatures, with all the ensuing consequences. Tip: if you want fried, first steamed and then tell us the product in roasting.

Cooking, cooking in a pressure cooker, baking and frying - is the traditional cooking methods. Unfortunately, the maximum nutritional value of the products prepared in ways no more than 20%. During prolonged heat treatment destroys many vitamins and nutrients. And when frying foods are added to the carcinogenic effects of oil.

For deep frying in hot oil (for frying), vitamins and nutrients are lost.

Food cooked or reheated in a microwave oven is considered dead. Since microwave frequencies have destructive properties. The entire civilized world gets rid of the microwave.

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