Healthy Food, Nutrition: Tips And Recommendations.

Recent conversations and the right or healthy eating is not silent. This became fashionable trend, but not everyone understands the essence of healthy eating. Often there is the belief that good nutrition is a diet, but it is absolutely not true. general rule for the person who decided to practice a healthy diet is to understand that this is not a diet. And if we observe it, it is only on a permanent basis. No time limit, no specific term - for a week, a month, etc., should not be. We can say that a healthy diet - it's a lifestyle, and it must constantly observe . Often thought of healthy eating come when a person decides to engage in a meaningful sports training. In order to fully exercise without damage to the body, a healthy diet is a must. 

Proper nutrition can maintain the necessary balance and has no effect on weight change in either direction. In addition, proper diet can keep fit and lead an active life. But it is provided that the person does not have certain allergies or certain diseases. Otherwise, it is best to change the right food for a healthy and pick up the diet, according to the characteristics of the organism. So, where to start? can not be here so soon abandon the usual diet, as this can be negatively perceived by the human body and have undesirable effects on health. We need to start slowly. To launch a review of your diet, eliminate particularly harmful products, or reduce them to a minimum, if you just give them will not do. 

These products include candies, chocolates, liquor, beer, canned vegetables and fruits, as well as spicy and salty food. Much of the list can be a great substitute - for example, instead of sweets to eat honey and sweet I years and fruits, fried food is replaced by stewed or steamed. Perhaps, at first it will be somewhat familiar, but with a strong desire in the near future you do not want to go back to a diet that has been before. Another important rule of good nutrition - to eat less but more often. Experts advise per meal to eat an amount equal to that which is placed in his hand at the person. Some? Yes, but if you do not use these portions three times a day, and more often, hunger will not exhaust the body and the load on it will then be much lower as a result of the food and learned better. 

Overeating is unacceptable in a healthy approach to eating. Very often, beginners nutrition make a few mistakes, it comes from a false understanding of the approach to a healthy diet. Among these errors are common rejection of fat, too much juice and periodic malnutrition. Undernutrition, we mentioned a little earlier, it is not permissible. Fat - This is a valuable material for the body, and in moderation they do not lead to weight gain, but rather to saturate the body with necessary substances. In addition, they are essential to "construction" of anabolic hormones. And when consuming juices must be very careful, because apart from the fact that they are high in vitamins, they are still quite high in calories. 

As well as excessive use of juices can lead to the rise of blood sugar. And finally, I would like to mention the sports nutrition as a great assistant nutrition. This is especially important for those who engage in physical activity. Nutrition is specially designed for what would be under a heavy load in the body is not just a sport could get the necessary dose of nutrients and trace elements, but also to ensure that the athletes would be able to send up a little bit and work your body to achieve the desired results in a short time. Some people believe that sports nutrition is bad, but to date has shown that absolutely nothing harmful in it. 

Only natural ingredients, the necessary daily dose of vitamins to the body and which keep excellent physical shape. Here is the key to perfect health and nutrition for the athlete. 

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  1. The less processed food you eat and the more "whole" foods you eat the better for health and weight loss. Avoid sugar and eat lean protein. Good articles thank you.

  2. I love this post! Viewing food in this was has greatly affected my eating, weight, eating as well as my mental and physical health over the last few months, and has been the inspiration for my blog:

    I like your blog a lot will be back!

  3. food is art and need.... just combine it you will be happy ;)