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What Is The Macrobiotic Diet?

Diet means long life, but otherwise follow up can have serious health consequences . This type of diet or rejects all processed food considered adulterated by being manipulated . The diet goes through ten stages of dietary restriction to carry exclusive feeding grain.

Foods are classified into two categories: Yin and Yang , having to be a harmony between the two to achieve the physical and mental wellbeing. Yin foods are all-natural foods: sugar, fruit, honey or alcohol. Yang foods should limit, some of them are: salty foods, red meat, poultry or coffee.

The diet consists of diets that are numbered -3 to +7. The first five animal foods eliminate progressively becoming more vegetarians. The rest is eliminating processed foods or processed until you reach +7 diet, in which only consumed cereal grains crushed. In addition, it reduces the amount of water consumed, which may lead to dehydration . this diet Features:
  • Foods should be cooked with vegetable oil or water, clay or iron vessel and only salted with sea salt, no salt refined and / or supplemented.
  • Non-consumption of fruits and vegetables treated with manure and fertilizers.
  • It prevents food from countries away from the place where they live.
  • Priority is given to seasonal vegetables.
  • We avoid vegetables like potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes.
  • Nothing spices or chemical ingredients.
  • As fruitive only supported natural Chinese tea or Japanese.
  • They are recommended for cereals with different preparation: rice, wheat, rye, corn, barley, millet ... However not recommend their meal.
  • It minimizes fluid intake.
  • Chewing each mouthful at least 50 times.

Nutritional consequences of diet adherence:
  • As we pass from -3 to +7 diet begin to appear deficient in protein, iron, calcium, vitamins A, D, C and B12.
  • Besides the high presence of philately decreases abosorción of the few minerals that may be, eventually emerging diseases such as anemia, scurvy, hypoglycemia or hipoproteinemias and thus malnutrition.

If you thought that follow a macrobiotic diet was easy you were wrong, to reach the stage -3 to +7 practically should you go to live in the country and cultivate yourself your own cereal and fruit .

Today the fashion of the macrobiotic diet is closer to -3 to +1 diet, which somewhat resemble the ovolactovegetarianas or vegan. What is clear is that strict monitoring part of this type of diet can lead to deficiencies, and follow-up today is virtually impossible, it is rather a part of philosophy that emerged at the beginning of last century, which today vestiges or substitutes.

Macrobiotic Diet

His supporters say the main factor to fight disease is food that nourishes the body and mind as they consider useless antidote use, whether allopathic, homeopathic or naturopathic, if not stop using "poisons" (saturated fats, high amount of sugar and salt, snuff, alcohol and drugs).

Therefore, states that practiced macrobiotics from discipline that aims to provide the means to get rid of bad habits, vices and food constraints imposed by a highly consumerist society.

Also, according to the fundamentals of this regime must be in harmony with nature, so the food choices must be made ??according to each season, climate and health. The macrobiotic diet is a way extreme vegetarianism combined with ideas from Zen Buddhist philosophy has found acceptance among believers in natural feeding and food "organic", and also many dissatisfied with the established social order and the modern food industry. His supporters traverse ten levels of dietary restriction until that feed grain only.

The macrobiotic diet is based mainly on the intake of whole grains such as rice, barley, maize and wheat, which can be eaten boiled, stewed, in soups, pies or cakes. It is also important to add to the fruit and vegetable diet, and for the animal protein that the body requires is advisable to combine the aforementioned foods with lean meat (fat) beef and skinless chicken and fish. addition, the scheme Eat less dairy products, which should be replaced by green leafy vegetables, as they contain lots of vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron and folic acid, which prevents nutrient deficiency. Notably, some say that this diet is prohibitive and can lead his followers to be malnourished, but actually allowed to eat all foods, the key is to choose the best quality balancing quantities.

Balance between yin and yang foods

Classify foods into two categories: ying (Food liabilities) and yang (active food). There must be a balance between yin and yang foods to achieve health and fitness and mental health. For them, some yin foods are: carp, clams, watermelon, potatoes, prunes, sugar, honey and garlic. Horse meat, chicken eggs and duck, pork and caviar are yang. Cereals, and vegetables offer the best balance between yin and yang. Among the nutrients, most B vitamins and vitamin C are ying while soluble (A, D, E and K) and B6 are yang. These classifications are meaningless from any scientific standpoint.

The system consists of a series macrobiotic ten diets that are numbered from -3 to +7. The first five (-3 to +2) include decreasing amounts of animal foods, are practically vegetarian diets. The others are exclusively vegetarian and contain increasing amounts of wheat grains to the diet until 7 which is composed exclusively of crushed cereal grains.

Dehydration problems

This system advises a limitation in the drinking water, which can lead to serious dehydration problems as highlighted in a publication originated precisely to step out into the diets recommended a drinking water restriction (Grande- Covián, 1993). Other ideas unfounded this doctrine is that the body is able to perform the transmutation of chemical elements, whereby, for example, can be produced from sodium potassium and oxygen, which is entirely feasible.

Its use as a slimming diet

According to his followers no disease can not be cured using "natural" food and restricting the drinking water, and any disease is easier to cure the cancer through the use of a macrobiotic diet, especially the grade 7, ie, composed solely of the grain. It is also recommended for use as slimming diet.

A typical macrobiotic diet would consist of:
  • 50-60% of grams of cereal. 
  • 20-25 & vegetables. 
  • 5-10% legumes. 
  • 5% soups.

Seaweed varying proportions

It avoids all types of meat, milk or dairy products, and is usually rare among his followers the vitamin supplements (Kushi & Jack, 1987) often appear so serious nutritional deficiencies. 
thus consuming a macrobiotic diet can lead a protein deficiency, quantitative and qualitative (protein intake of low quality) and a significant deficiency in vitamin B12, C and fat soluble vitamins (A and D). Also, is low in calcium and iron whose absorption is hindered by the presence of phytates. Among nutritional deficiencies detected by consumers of this diet include anemia, scurvy, hypocalcemia and hypoproteinemia. As already mentioned, the drinking water limit recommended by the macrobiotic system is another serious danger. No wonder, therefore, that some of his followers recommending forget everything we know about nutrition. "

Although the macrobiotic diet is a diet old, has been considered as a serious risk to the health of the population (Grand Jury of the State of New Jersey, 1966), knowing deaths among his followers. Currently re-emerged and even women's magazines disclosure presented as a true panacea.

The macrobiotic diet divides foods into two types:

Ying foods
are foods that should be eaten sparingly, because their energy is debilitating: sugar, honey, alcoholic beverages, tropical fruits like banana, mango, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, plums, vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, tomato , garlic and beets, milk, white bread, sausages, meat, eggs, clams, vitamin C, spices, processed foods, preserved foods, dyes or chemical ingredients.

Yang foods
are the food needed, because their energy is invigorating: cereals (wheat, rye, corn, barley, millet, oats), vegetables, seaweed, fish occasionally, vitamins A, B6, D, E and K, and vegetables grown without pesticides in home gardens, which has found wide acceptance among food industry rivals. It is very important to prepare steamed food should be cooked with iodized sea salt.

Example menu

A Bancha tea or tea mu 
A cream of millet or rice with cinnamon and raisins sesame rice crackers with sesame puree or vegetable pate

A miso soup or vegetable with seaweed and soy sauce 
A combination plate of boiled rice with kombu seaweed and vegetable protein (legumes, seitan or wheat gluten, tofu or tofu, tempeh or fermented soybeans) 
A little cooked apple or cereal (grits or wheat) with fruit jelly made ??with agar-agar seaweed 
tea bancha A

A tea 
Rice cakes with jam or vegetable paté

A vegetable soup with shiitake (Japanese mushroom) and daikon (turnip species) 
Vegetables steamed rice or some fish

Disadvantages Beware

Take as little protein can lead you to a risk of anemia and malnutrition. With this power have been cases of scurvy and calcium deficiency. Furthermore, as drinking water is restricted, it may suffer from dehydration or renal insufficiency.

As you may have noticed, many of the foods are hard to come by being of Japanese origin (millet, soybean, algae, tempeh, tofu, etc.). And maybe bother you that by not eating much, you can limit your social and family life and surrounding yourself with pure finish macrobiotic friends.

It is convenient to carry out this diet without any medical supervision, because as prevents vitamin supplements, low in calcium and iron, the main allies of women, can cause you nutritional deficiencies.

If you decide to try this diet, it is important to get regular medical examinations to keep track of your levels of iron and vitamin B12.

What To Eat For Breakfast Healthy

You've probably heard that breakfast healthy is one of the most important meals of the day, but eating breakfast is even more important than you think! To start, breakfast literally ends the fasting time you went to bed until the time of waking. Thus, the breakfast healthy provides energy for your body and mind with the fuel you need to think, work and play in better health throughout the day. 

What makes a healthy breakfast?
A healthy breakfast should have foods from different groups, such as two pieces of wheat toast with cream vegetable Becel, a glass of juice or a piece of fruit and a cup of yogurt or milk. These foods provide energy and essential nutrients such as omega 3 and 6, calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin D, B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, and zinc. Those who skip breakfast lose these important nutrients for health and often fail to meet their daily nutritional needs during the rest of the day. 

Eating a breakfast with fiber can help regulate your appetite and minimize the consumption of large feed throughout the day. Both adults and children who eat breakfast regularly tend to have healthier body weights than those who skip breakfast. Being a healthy weight is important for keeping your heart healthy. Anyway, have a healthy breakfast can put you on the right path for other behaviors and healthy lifestyles. Studies show that those who drink coffee in the morning, regardless of age, tend to engage in regular physical activity, choosing healthier foods and not smoking. 

Beat the morning rush
When you're in a hurry to wake the kids and get them ready for school on time, it may seem challenging to sit and enjoy a good healthy breakfast together. The answer? Try to prepare as much of the breakfast the night before. Let bowls and spoons ready for cereal. Spread margarine on bread for sandwich with grilled cheese. Wash, slice and make portions of fruit. 

For older children and adolescents, have a selection of foods for breakfast style "do it yourself", such as granola bars, hot and cold cereal, muffins and rolls integrals, mixed nuts, cheese, peanut butter, milk and juice . 

Important: Always consult a dietitian for an individualized care. 

Interesting Facts In Recipes

 Vanilla, coffee mocha, chocolate and cinnamon are considered "heavy" companions wine, although their scents and colors present in the flavors of various wines. But whiskey never seize herring or cucumber.
  The ancient Slavs believed that the "mother" was a mess of bread, and put it this way. Brewed once ancient cook porridge and cereals accidentally poured more than it should. Instead of cereal turned tortilla. Dress down as follows careless cook, neighbors still try a new dish. And apparently, were satisfied, because set to improve: instead of cereals, over time, to use the flour.
  Exquisite design for cold dishes, desserts, soft drinks - ice cubes with flowers, Lay in the form of ice flowers hypericum, lime, blackberry, cranberry, mint leaves, cover with warm boiled water and freeze.
  Capers used in food are capers biting. They are a vegetable, in the flower buds and fruits which contains proteins, oils and vitamins. Common in Europe, North Africa, North America and India. In some regions, such as Dagestan, are used in cooking wild capers.
  Canned in oil dried tomatoes first began in southern Italy, and now they can be found almost everywhere. For canning tomatoes sliced, salted and dried in the sun to have gone all the moisture and the flavor is more intense. Dried tomatoes pour vegetable oil with spices.
  Few people today know that this soup - this chowder hogweed, a plant that most people today consider a weed. That broth hogweed on beet kvass in the old days was called borscht. So the appearance of one of the favorite dishes we have to weed.
  Mango - the "relative" pistachio. Mango is considered the birthplace of India. In the center is a large mango fruit leaf stone, reminiscent of pistachio. This similarity is not surprising, as the mango and pistachio are a family of sumach.

  The name "cheesecake", apparently derived from the word "Vatra", which in most Slavic languages ??means "fire", "home". In fact, this name suits best Open round patty shape resembling the sun. After all, home to the ancient peoples was the symbol of the star.
  It is proved that not only vitamins, but even the color of food affects the health and mood. Such as carrots, oranges, sea buckthorn, peaches, apricots, melons, squash and pumpkin orange energize, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation. Orange color radiates joy and frees us from negative emotions, makes sociable and creative.
  Pripuskaniya - is cooking in a small amount of liquid just below the boiling point. Pripuskaniya makes products more tender and preserves nutrients and flavors.

  Vaunted as a hangover cure, menudo soup actually is especially popular in Mexico in the New Year's morning. It is cooked beef from the films of the stomach and calves feet, green chilies, peeled corn grains and spices. Served with him usually go lime slices, large quantities of chopped chilies and onions, and serve it with hot tortillas.

Cholesterol Information : What Is Cholesterol, And Is It Dangerous?

Cholesterol is a vital substance. It is an essential building block of every cell in your body.

Cholesterol is required in particular to build up and stabilize cell membranes, the surrounding skin to protect all your cells. Cholesterol has the role of all animals. How can a cell membrane look, the purple arrows indicate cholesterol site:
high cholesterol information

In addition, cholesterol is the building block for all your steroid hormones, such as sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Maybe that explains why cholesterol-lowering medication, on average, been shown to have significantly poorer sex life . Although vitamin D is a steroid hormone produced by cholesterol.

Cholesterol can be transported in the blood, to access the cells that need it. Transported in special "package", with names such as LDL ("bad cholesterol") and HDL ("good cholesterol"). More on different types of cholesterol soon!

A high cholesterol in the blood may statistically have a slightly increased risk of heart disease. But it depends a lot on. A high level of "good" cholesterol, HDL, on the contrary considerably less risk of heart disease. Do you eat a lot of saturated fat usually rises your HDL cholesterol.

"High" cholesterol is extremely common

Here's the problem today: the pharmaceutical industry does not want to sell lipid medication only to those that have proven useful. They want to sell as much as possible.

Then those on the Pfizer website , suggesting that everyone should have the 5 in cholesterol. Otherwise, the medicine, Lipitor, to sell. And sell they do. Lipitor is the world's best-selling drug, and sold for about SEK 90,000,000,000 worldwide in 2007. You read that right: 90 billion a year.

The sale becomes understandable when one examines how common it is with a cholesterol above 5.  Every healthy thirty year old in Sweden has. And 95% of all 60-year olds.

It looks like cholesterol above 5 is normal. The pharmaceutical industry would argue that it is not. It would be ok if there was evidence that the vast majority of healthy Swedish adults with cholesterol over 5 benefit from medication. Such evidence does not exist. More on that later.

Healthy Food, Nutrition: Tips And Recommendations.

Recent conversations and the right or healthy eating is not silent. This became fashionable trend, but not everyone understands the essence of healthy eating. Often there is the belief that good nutrition is a diet, but it is absolutely not true. general rule for the person who decided to practice a healthy diet is to understand that this is not a diet. And if we observe it, it is only on a permanent basis. No time limit, no specific term - for a week, a month, etc., should not be. We can say that a healthy diet - it's a lifestyle, and it must constantly observe . Often thought of healthy eating come when a person decides to engage in a meaningful sports training. In order to fully exercise without damage to the body, a healthy diet is a must. 

Proper nutrition can maintain the necessary balance and has no effect on weight change in either direction. In addition, proper diet can keep fit and lead an active life. But it is provided that the person does not have certain allergies or certain diseases. Otherwise, it is best to change the right food for a healthy and pick up the diet, according to the characteristics of the organism. So, where to start? can not be here so soon abandon the usual diet, as this can be negatively perceived by the human body and have undesirable effects on health. We need to start slowly. To launch a review of your diet, eliminate particularly harmful products, or reduce them to a minimum, if you just give them will not do. 

These products include candies, chocolates, liquor, beer, canned vegetables and fruits, as well as spicy and salty food. Much of the list can be a great substitute - for example, instead of sweets to eat honey and sweet I years and fruits, fried food is replaced by stewed or steamed. Perhaps, at first it will be somewhat familiar, but with a strong desire in the near future you do not want to go back to a diet that has been before. Another important rule of good nutrition - to eat less but more often. Experts advise per meal to eat an amount equal to that which is placed in his hand at the person. Some? Yes, but if you do not use these portions three times a day, and more often, hunger will not exhaust the body and the load on it will then be much lower as a result of the food and learned better. 

Overeating is unacceptable in a healthy approach to eating. Very often, beginners nutrition make a few mistakes, it comes from a false understanding of the approach to a healthy diet. Among these errors are common rejection of fat, too much juice and periodic malnutrition. Undernutrition, we mentioned a little earlier, it is not permissible. Fat - This is a valuable material for the body, and in moderation they do not lead to weight gain, but rather to saturate the body with necessary substances. In addition, they are essential to "construction" of anabolic hormones. And when consuming juices must be very careful, because apart from the fact that they are high in vitamins, they are still quite high in calories. 

As well as excessive use of juices can lead to the rise of blood sugar. And finally, I would like to mention the sports nutrition as a great assistant nutrition. This is especially important for those who engage in physical activity. Nutrition is specially designed for what would be under a heavy load in the body is not just a sport could get the necessary dose of nutrients and trace elements, but also to ensure that the athletes would be able to send up a little bit and work your body to achieve the desired results in a short time. Some people believe that sports nutrition is bad, but to date has shown that absolutely nothing harmful in it. 

Only natural ingredients, the necessary daily dose of vitamins to the body and which keep excellent physical shape. Here is the key to perfect health and nutrition for the athlete. 

10 Rules Of Modern Food

1. Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables play an important role in the prevention of many diseases, but it's hard to keep track, so that all members of the family received their required five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Get the hang discreetly add fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. For example, a portion of baked beans in tomato sauce, spaghetti with tomato sauce (which also counts as one serving of vegetables), a glass of fruit juice, a tablespoon of raisins with cereal for breakfast, a small jar of canned fruit for dessert or pizza with pineapple - all counts as one serving. 

2. Choose the right biscuits On average we s'edaem to 11 kg of cookies a year - about 55 packages! If you can not give them up, choose biscuits with low fat. 

3. 200 calories in snacks It may be a small hill of chips while you are preparing dinner or popcorn at the cinema - it is impossible to predict how many times you unplanned snack during the day. But if you s'edat sometimes less calories than planned, and leave for a few "spare" calories, these unplanned snacks will not bring so much harm. For example, use low-calorie margarine instead of butter, eat fruit for dessert instead of something more bold, and so on. 

4. Focus on eating Pete Cohen, creator of the motivational weight loss method, says that for a meal never read, watch TV, talk or work. You focus your attention on what you are doing, and the food is of secondary importance. The result is inevitably partaken more than necessary, while never rasprobuete dish and go hungry and dissatisfied. 

5. Take a multivitamin More and more studies show the benefit of taking vitamins in pill - even for people who keep a balanced diet. One tablet in the morning does not hurt, but you can be sure about your health, if you can not eat well during the day. Recent Canadian studies have shown that people who regularly take a multivitamin, the immune system is much better and they are more resistant to influenza-like illness . 

6. Sweet Life Anne de Loi, Edinburgh College professor, has long engaged in research of different diets, and found that the diet, allowing use in the diet dessert no less effective than a very strict diet, and thus they are much nicer and easier to follow. Many sweets do not contain a lot of fat, such as whole wheat toast with jam or honey, corn flakes with sugar or waffles with maple syrup. 

7. Carbohydrates Eat more foods rich in carbohydrates (pasta, beans, lentils, oatmeal, oats, fruits and bread and grains). Studies have shown that foods rich in carbohydrates stimulate insulin, a hormone that helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body and prevent diabetes. 

8. Cut portions Do not tempt yourself big portions - no need to eat more than you need and what you want. The best way to reduce the portions - to spend in the store the same amount of money as usual, but buy better quality products, which are usually more expensive. For example, better buy a small piece of soft good meat than 4 fat sausages. Or use small plates, on which a small portion will look enormous. 

9. Choose the correct semis Now there are many ready-made frozen food, which only need to warm up the house. Carefully read the information on the box and choose a not very fatty and high-calorie foods. Focus on:
  • less than 20 grams of fat
  • less than 5 grams saturated fat
  • less than 400 calories (this notice, if you stick to the diet)
  • low salt content. S'edat recommended for women a day not more than 5 grams of salt. 

10. Buy only what you need to start right policy purchase of products in the stores, and the beginning of a healthy lifestyle will be necessary. Two-thirds of the trolley at the supermarket to fill plant products (one-third - fruits and vegetables, the second third - bread, pasta, rice, beans and potatoes). The last third should consist of fresh meat, fish and low-calorie dairy products.

Healthy Breakfast: Choices To Start The Day With Health

Healthy breakfast may well be nutritious, and fast, and at the same time - useful. And, contrary to popular belief, it is not only sugar free muesli with skimmed milk or cold pack cheese. There are other options for lunch in a hurry of the foods, but with health benefits.

Healthy breakfast: what is so special?

We are all in the morning somewhere in a hurry, and often have breakfast almost on the run, or do not eat breakfast at all. Meanwhile, a healthy breakfast - is a guarantee of our victories and successes throughout the day, as well as a pledge of cheerfulness, enviable health and positive mood.

Some people believe that a healthy and fast breakfast - it's a kind of low-calorie dish that can be eaten within a couple of minutes: like a sandwich with cheese, or a bowl of oatmeal, hastily filled with cold milk. Typical error! First, a healthy breakfast should be warm, as any cold food too quickly bypasses the stomach, still digested in the intestine. This inevitably causes a feeling of heaviness and bloating, painful cramps and discomfort. That's really very difficult to then live and work effectively throughout the day with such symptoms. Second, breakfast should be truly healthy - and that means that we deliberately exclude any prepared food, warmed up in the microwave, and accustom yourself to use the oven or roaster.

Quick Menu: 4 choices for breakfast with health

So our main criteria for breakfast: a healthy, nutritious and quick to prepare. Think options one, two and miscalculated? No. We offer 4 most simple recipes based on the most mundane of products, and then the list you will be able to continue themselves. 

Hot sandwiches. Prepare a healthy breakfast on the principle of hot sandwiches - a pleasure for the whole family. And the scope for creativity here is huge - every day you can invent something new. For example, a sweet option for a refreshing cup of coffee: Spread white (preferably corn) bread with a thin layer of butter on top lay the slices of apples or pears and sprinkle with brown sugar (to fruit is not oxidized). Preparing sandwiches on grill, in the oven or in the roster. Another option: the slices of corn bread (the best option - the bread "8 grains"), pre-lubricated with oil, spread a thin layer of meat, sprinkle with herbs and grated cheese. Wait a couple of minutes, until boiling a kettle for tea or coffee and works roster, and your healthy breakfast is ready. And most importantly - delicious!

Curd. course, you can quickly put a pack of low-fat cottage cheese in a bowl, pour the milk and fill with sugar - and seems to be a healthy breakfast is ready. But we have agreed that for the sake of his health only eat warm food. So do curd cheese toasts with spicy ham and tomato slices. For this pre-mix 150g granulated fat cottage cheese with chopped fresh herbs and 1ch.l. Dijon mustard. Bread (better to take small ciabatta), cut and place on a baking sheet, sprinkled with olive oil. Along with the pieces of bread can be heated and halved tomatoes. Send the pan in the oven or in a roster for 3-5 minutes. Then warm the tomatoes cut into slices, spread on bread and cottage cheese. Top - slices of tomatoes. Bacon can be fried in a pan (if then do not forget to blot it with paper towels to remove excess fat), and you can immediately put on the hot bread slices on top of cheese and tomatoes. Tasty and healthy breakfast is on the table!

Porridge. Usually instead a healthy breakfast of porridge we fobbed off with rapid flakes with milk. But in vain! Porridge can be made ??as quickly, but benefit from it would be much more. After porridge classified nourishing dishes, but it is not complete. Cook it in the morning is not necessary - you can fill the night with boiling water and cereal for breakfast porridge cooked your own. Add the fruit or pieces of fruit, a couple of teaspoons of honey or low fat yogurt - and you have the option of sweet porridge. And you can add slices of fried ham, salad and a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, and then be able to enjoy a healthy breakfast one who is not too fond of sweets.

Eggs. Eggs usually still eat hot, because the world is not so much fans to drink it raw. But boiled eggs that you swallow on the run - not the best healthy breakfast. It is best to make an omelet, quickly mix the ingredients to your taste: slices of tomato and sweet pepper, hot pepper, onions or green onions, slices of ham and whatever your heart desires more. Cut the template for an omelette can be in the evening - it will take no more than 10 minutes. Beat the eggs with a little milk, salt mixture. On heated pan pour preparation, fry a minute, pour in the egg mixture. Fried omelet this immediately - do not have time to blink an eye, and a healthy breakfast is ready.

To some, these healthy breakfast recipes seem too banal. But we are not trying to open a culinary America. But tried to save you time, not to complicate your morning while feeding delicious breakfast with health benefits. We hope we've made it!

Information About Coffee

Coffee - one of the most popular and oldest drinks in the world. Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee. With milk and sugar, cold water, lemon and even salt ... Its unique taste and aroma creates a real coffee people. Coffee - it is more than a drink. Coffee - the art of pleasure .

Coffee - benefits

- The stimulating effect of coffee . Due to the content of caffeine drink has a refreshing effect, which is familiar lovers morning coffee. Why is this happening? Caffeine improves blood flow to the brain and activates even short-term memory, which helps to make operational decisions, increases efficiency and can reduce fatigue. Due to its tonic effect drink helps to cope with stress, overcome apathy, lethargy and sleepiness.

- High levels of antioxidants . We all know that over time, exposure to oxygen iron rusts. A similar effect on our body by free radicals of oxygen. Antioxidants (or antioxidants) neutralize free radicals, thereby protecting healthy cells. The more antioxidants, the stronger the protection. One cup of coffee contains about 1000 mg of antioxidants. This quarter the daily norm.

- Reduce the risk of certain diseases . Regular coffee consumption can protect against diseases such as liver cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes type II diabetes, alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. And if you drink coffee without sugar, you can prevent tooth decay.

In addition to this coffee has beneficial effects on the immune and digestive systems. Drink increases the secretion of gastric juice, which in turn, promotes better digestion of all foods.

Coffee - History

In this section you will find our encyclopedia that right opening coffee , the greatest drink of all time belongs to ... goats. This is what tells an old Ethiopian legend that we remember, trying to reproduce the history of mankind dating this miracle drink.

We have followed all the metamorphoses of preparation technology of today's "nectar of wisdom" - from the banal coffee decoction of leaves and wine from coffee berries to the revolutionary invention of instant version. You will learn how to transform to be known as a beverage can read about all the intermediate versions, which were the basis of this magic word - coffee .

In this section we examine the geography of the triumphal march of coffee, especially the conquest of them from different countries and the answers to many interesting questions.

What is coffee?

To " What is coffee "- is a kind of our" cognitive Page ". Here you will learn all about the wonderful tree, generously giving us their grain to prepare a refreshing drink - coffee. We will explain the intricacies of growing, harvesting and processing coffee beans, because the matter of the present judges of honor - to know everything about your favorite beverage! For example, the sub-section you will be aware of the major industrial varieties of coffee beans - " Robust "and" Arabica ", about which of the variety has a higher content of caffeine, what factors affect the quality and taste of the drink.

You become a connoisseur of all types of roasted coffee beans , varieties of grinding and try along with us into the mystery of preparing the coffee mixture . Thus, from the amateurs - the professionals!


Good organic coffee roasters should be part artist and part scientist, to achieve the desired quality and consistency. In the roasting process sugar, starches and fats inside the coffee bean are emulsified, caramelized and produce coffee oil. It is these oils give coffee its distinctive taste and aroma. Oils give coffee egosobstvenny flavor.

Preparation of blends

Preparation of coffee blends - a process which is the most suitable combination of several types of coffee, when you select them from the more than 100 different types of coffee beans. Each type of coffee has special characteristics that are very important for the balance of flavors needed to create high-end high-end coffee.

Experienced organic coffee roaster, with his knowledge of each coffee bean and its special features, select coffees from different regions of the world and then skillfully combines them, mixing flavors.

Knowledge roasters for blending - carefully guarded secret.

Grinding coffee beans

Another important processing of coffee beans - grind. In the process, reveals fragrance oils contained in grains.


Whence come to us these wonderful grains, bestowing peace and courage? Which countries grow coffee trees? What is the area of ??coffee plantations in each of these countries? How many thousands of tons of coffee annually consume around the world? Which varieties are most popular? What percentage of the world's preferred option soluble drink, and what - aroma of freshly brewed coffee grounds?

All these questions - and, of course, many others will answer our encyclopedia section entitled "The global market of coffee." We will try to make the information in this section (the modern form of the motion direction and coffee on our planet) was presented in a fascinating way, but it does not lose its seriousness, urgency and impartial scientific.

Coffee Recipes

In " Coffee Recipes "you will see that the preparation of flavored beverage called" coffee "does not always require a professional hand. By following our recipes and rules, you present unforgettable moments all tasted cooked your coffee. We propose to embark on an exciting journey around the world - it is no secret that every country has its own special way of making coffee . You will learn how they cooked, and it is now brewed this truly excellent drink Arabs, Turks, Italians, Japanese, Polish and many other nations.

We invite you to enjoy a cold coffee cocktails at the debilitating heat. As well as toning hot cocktail of organic coffee that can warm you and your family in the harsh winter cold. And, of course, you will find recipes of traditional, much-loved black coffee.

10 Reasons Having Spicy Food

1. Helps lose weight: Hot peppers contain capsaicin , which speeds up the body's metabolism and helps burn calories faster. This is from the fact that capsaicin - increases body temperature and heart rate quickens.

2. Good for the heart: Hot pepper helps to improve cardiac function. For the reason that with the continued eating spicy food the body easier to cope with cholesterol blockage that cause heart attacks.

3. Improves blood circulation: Hot pepper helps reduce blood pressure. Peppers contain vitamins D and C , which are strengthening contribute to the blood vessels.

4. Fights cancer: high quantities of scientific studies show that the constant use of chili and curry reduces the risk of cancer. Capsaicin inhibits the growth of cancer cells in some cases. Sometimes even cleanses the body of cancer cells without harming okrazhayuschim cells. In countries where  traditionally typically  use chili in food such as India, Mexico or Taiand. According to statistics, very few people who have cancer.  

5. Improves digestion:  Spices also improve your digestion, as they cause the release of a special secretion in your stomach. Also increases blood flow to the stomach. And Capsaicin helps the stomach to deal with the harmful bacteria.

6. Cough and cold: Kapsaitsi n helps relieve symptoms occur with a cold. And also helps to open the nasal  channels, which is important for nasal congestion. 

7. Good sleep: Australian scientists have nablyudniya and found that those who consistently consume spicy food is much easier to fall asleep and wake up.

8. Improves breathing: Spicy peppers may help people with asthma, chronic bronchitis and others.

9. Helps with arthritis and osteoporosis: Again unique substance Capsaicin , which is contained in the chilli helps our health by helping with arthritis and osteoporosis.

10. Pepper in medetsine: Now there are  a lot of Food Stamp and cosmetics of Capsaicin and . Properties of capsaicin , used  in these different priparaty were known from antiquity. Since various ointments based chilis used to treat arthritis, sore and  used as obezblivayuschee.  And others ointments and kremea based hot peppers intended for those who want to lose weight and give your body the right proportions.

4 Types of Tea You Must Know

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world after food, but people are still very few people know that there are four inherently different flavors and types of tea one can find in every supermarket. Each tea is made from different ingredients and each tea has its advantages and disadvantages. I'll explain.

What you must always remember is that there are only four types of tea.
1) Black Tea
2) Green tea
3) White tea
4) Oolong tea

All this is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, also known as the tea plant. Other herbal infusions such as chamomile tea, ginger tea or red tea rooibos leaves are disqualified because as types of tea since the tea plant is not involved in the decision. The difference between the four tea variations lies in the process of manufacture. In addition, each type of tea has another flavor and various health benefits.

1) Black Tea
The strong flavor of burnt sienna colored hot beverage is the most popular type of tea in the West. Either served with a squeeze of lemon or added milk and sugar, black tea is part of daily tea ceremonies that take place worldwide. Black tea is made of heavily oxidized Camellia sinensis leaves. When served plain, it contains no calories, carbohydrates, or fats. A cup of black tea contains more caffeine than other types of tea but less than in any cup of coffee.

2) Green Tea
The lightly oxidized tea has been popular in China, Japan and Korea for centuries. Recently, rumors on its health benefits increased its popularity in the West as well. It has been proven that drinking green tea can lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, increase metabolic rates and be helpful in a variety of other conditions and diseases. The green tea is lightly oxidized, dried, but not fermented. It is usually served plain, without sugar or milk. For some variants of green tea taste a bit bitter, it should be brewed in lower temperature than the boiling point.

3) White Tea
White tea is rarer and more expensive than other types of teas mentioned above. From the province of Fujian, China, white tea is made from young leaves of Camellia sinensis, that go through a long process of steaming or frying, inactivate fermenting and drying. Since the leaves are harvested while the buds are still covered by white hair, it is called white tea. White tea has the most delicate, sweet taste than the other types of tea. In addition, it contains the smallest amount of caffeine and the largest amount of antioxidants that help prevent cancer.

4) Oolong Tea
The traditional Chinese tea is the common companion of Chinese foods such as dim sum and chop suey in American Chinese restaurants. Oolong tea, black dragon Chinese, got its name after its long, dark distinguished leaves that look like wild black dragons when brewed. The unique taste of the oolong tea is achieved by a long process that includes sun drying of the Camellia sinensis leaves, light oxidation, cooling and drying. The result is a lighter flavor than the popular black tea and stronger than the delicate green tea.