Tip Meat Products Processing

  1. Meat for aspic jelly or need a good soak and rinse, then give a clear jelly and more delicious - otherwise dull and without significant meat flavor.
  2. The meat should be washed in water at room temperature, but leave him to it, it is impossible.
  3. Meat, which is not subject to immediate preparation, should not be washed, Yuk in this case it goes bad quickly.
  4. To thaw frozen meat, you need to rinse it with cold water, then put into a clean bowl and cover with lid.
  5. To keep ground meat more than a day, you need to wrap it in a clean cloth dampened with a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal proportions), and hanging in the draft.
  6. The meat can be stored for long periods without refrigeration, shifting his nettle leaves and wrapped in a damp towel.
  7. Washed and soaked in lemon juice will be fresh meat, even on hot days.
  8. To a day or two to keep the meat from spoiling, you fill it with raw milk and pour over boiling water with a little salt and keep in a cool place.
  9. Fried in a little oil and lightly salted meat can remain fresh for several days.
  10. The meat will remain fresh for several days, if wipe it dry, then lubricate with melted fresh lard, wrap parchment paper and hang it in a cool place.
  11. If meat is rubbed with salt or sugar, it will remain fresh for a long time.
  12. Long the meat is fresh, if you pour it to remove sour milk. By the end of the day drain the milk and pour another. In the days to pour every day.
  13. Smoked meat (ham, bacon, brisket, sausage, etc.) are best stored in a dry ventilated place at a temperature of 4 to 8 ° Celsius.
  14. Chopped cooked ham should be stored (even for a few hours) in a cool, dark place, well wrapped in cellophane.
  15. To fat long port, need for salting bacon when cool, rub it with salt, pepper, fresh bay leaf. At the bottom of the barrel to put 3.4-washed stone. They are in two rows to lay down a piece of bacon skin side down, so fill in all the dishes. Prepared in this way fat is not yellow, no slime and odor.
  16. Keep the bird is best in a dark metal pan, pre-gut, washing and dry.
  17. Birds need to thaw slowly, with an average temperature below 18 °. You can not thaw it in water, as in the loss of taste and nutritional quality of meat.
  18. If raw meat with salt, it will provide the juice. The meat during cooking will dry hard. Therefore, if there is no neobhedimosti long to keep fresh meat, salt it must be immediately before putting in the pan, add salt and ground meat only when stirred to beef cuts.
  19. Save the liver during the day can be in cold water.
  20. Corned beef soaked in cold water at a temperature of +12 ° (for 1 kg of beef to 3-4 liters of water).
  21. To know whether meat benign, we must press on it with your finger. If the dent formed quickly equalized, then meat benign. On a section of benign meat should be dry.
  22. Good meat is red fire pink lamb - crimson hue, fat in hand does not stick.
  23. Fat young animal-white, sometimes pink, old - yellow.
  24. If the meat has a bad odor, it is necessary for him to put in the cooking pot 1.2 wood coals. You can also chop the meat pieces pa, wash in cold water, put in a pot with charcoal and cover with cold water to cover meat it. After 2-3 hours remove the coal, and the meat cook in the same water.
  25. Animal meat can be eaten just a day after the slaughter.
  26. The meat of hares and rabbits were tasty, desperately needed after the carcass put in a cool place for 1-2 days, and before the pre-cooked meat marinate.
  27. Beef cooked faster if its pre-recapture wooden hammer or hoe and add water 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  28. Mince for meatballs or chopped steaks can not be stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator. Due to salt the meat becomes reddish and fried chops or steak are obtained hard, tasteless, unappetizing to look at.
  29. Grilled meat, poultry, fish and meat patties are ready, if punctured with a fork or a spoon push they imply clear juice.
  30. Meat will be juicier if you boil it in large pieces. The meat should be cut pas wet board, as dry wood absorbs some of his juice.
  31. The soup was tasty, washed beef should be dropped in a pot of cold water, causing meat juices boil and become less juicy beef and broth stronger. If beef dipped in boiling water, fat will be less strong, and juicy beef.
  32. When roasting meat portions, do not cover bowl with a lid, so the steam does not escape, and settle on the meat and gives it a bad taste.
  33. Boiled beef, ham, chicken should be removed from the broth just before use, otherwise the meat will be dry and less tasty.
  34. The meat retains juiciness, flavor and vitamins, it should simmer in a pan with a tight lid closed, occasionally pouring a little water.
  35. To cooked meat was juicy, it should be left up to the filing of the table in its own broth in a saucepan with the lid closed.
  36. In processing the meat can not be too long to beat his hoe, as this broken meat tissue and follows nutritious juice.
  37. Grilled meat is tasty and soft if for an hour before cooking it with mustard oil.
  38. The surface of the meat that was roasting in the oven, is a more fragile, and the meat juicier if you fry to water it from time to time with water and rub with a slice of lemon.
  39. Roasted or boiled meat will be more tender, if during cooking sprinkle it with a small amount of brandy.
  40. If, before frying, sprinkle the meat with powdered sugar, it formed tasty fried crust.
  41. To roast pork was tasty and toasty, you must first make a sharp knife several deep cuts on the surface.
  42. To roast the meat was juicier before applying it on the table, it is necessary to hold it a little over a saucepan of simmering water.
  43. Fry patties and meat should only in well-heated pan with fat.
  44. When frying meat or fish pieces should not be poured into the pan, a large amount of fat as meat and fish absorb fat and become very heavy on taste.
  45. When warming up cooked meat to sprinkle it with cold water, put in a pan and heat over medium heat.
  46. Dishes with sauce before serving to warm up for 30-40 minutes in a hot oven. They will get a special taste and aroma.
  47. For cutlet mass use stale white bread, as fresh prepared cutlets gives nasty tack. And white bread increases the volume of products, absorbs escaping meat juices and gives splendor Minced meat, juiciness, softness.
  48. When the chops and steaks are prepared from minced meat, bread soaked in milk or water before you add it to the stuffing should not be strongly pressing.
  49. If the cutlet mass lay onions, it is recommended not to mince, and grate.
  50. To minced meat does not stick to hands at cutting cutlets, you wet your hands with water.
  51. To patties do not stick to each other and carve better, add to stuffing a little potato flour.
  52. Steaks and chops become softer if 1-2 hours before cooking grease the surface with a mixture of vinegar and oil.
  53. Steaks, chops and steaks should fry just before serving.
  54. Burgers will be more tasty and juicy, if you put the cutting into the middle of each piece of butter.
  55. If you add the mince for meatballs some sour cream, grated carrots or potatoes, burgers will be softer and more luxuriant.
  56. You can not fry patties and cook for a couple. To do this, put them in a colander set over a pan of boiling water and close the lid.
  57. Large piece of meat, poultry or game carcass every 10-15 minutes to baste in which they are fried.
  58. Not to overcook the meat, placed in highly-heated oven, it must be covered with oiled paper.
  59. If meat is burnt in fire, you need to cut the burnt part, clean the pan, add the broth, put the meat and continue braising, turning frequently.


What Is The Macrobiotic Diet?

Diet means long life, but otherwise follow up can have serious health consequences . This type of diet or rejects all processed food considered adulterated by being manipulated . The diet goes through ten stages of dietary restriction to carry exclusive feeding grain.

Foods are classified into two categories: Yin and Yang , having to be a harmony between the two to achieve the physical and mental wellbeing. Yin foods are all-natural foods: sugar, fruit, honey or alcohol. Yang foods should limit, some of them are: salty foods, red meat, poultry or coffee.

The diet consists of diets that are numbered -3 to +7. The first five animal foods eliminate progressively becoming more vegetarians. The rest is eliminating processed foods or processed until you reach +7 diet, in which only consumed cereal grains crushed. In addition, it reduces the amount of water consumed, which may lead to dehydration . this diet Features:
  • Foods should be cooked with vegetable oil or water, clay or iron vessel and only salted with sea salt, no salt refined and / or supplemented.
  • Non-consumption of fruits and vegetables treated with manure and fertilizers.
  • It prevents food from countries away from the place where they live.
  • Priority is given to seasonal vegetables.
  • We avoid vegetables like potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes.
  • Nothing spices or chemical ingredients.
  • As fruitive only supported natural Chinese tea or Japanese.
  • They are recommended for cereals with different preparation: rice, wheat, rye, corn, barley, millet ... However not recommend their meal.
  • It minimizes fluid intake.
  • Chewing each mouthful at least 50 times.

Nutritional consequences of diet adherence:
  • As we pass from -3 to +7 diet begin to appear deficient in protein, iron, calcium, vitamins A, D, C and B12.
  • Besides the high presence of philately decreases abosorción of the few minerals that may be, eventually emerging diseases such as anemia, scurvy, hypoglycemia or hipoproteinemias and thus malnutrition.

If you thought that follow a macrobiotic diet was easy you were wrong, to reach the stage -3 to +7 practically should you go to live in the country and cultivate yourself your own cereal and fruit .

Today the fashion of the macrobiotic diet is closer to -3 to +1 diet, which somewhat resemble the ovolactovegetarianas or vegan. What is clear is that strict monitoring part of this type of diet can lead to deficiencies, and follow-up today is virtually impossible, it is rather a part of philosophy that emerged at the beginning of last century, which today vestiges or substitutes.

Macrobiotic Diet

His supporters say the main factor to fight disease is food that nourishes the body and mind as they consider useless antidote use, whether allopathic, homeopathic or naturopathic, if not stop using "poisons" (saturated fats, high amount of sugar and salt, snuff, alcohol and drugs).

Therefore, states that practiced macrobiotics from discipline that aims to provide the means to get rid of bad habits, vices and food constraints imposed by a highly consumerist society.

Also, according to the fundamentals of this regime must be in harmony with nature, so the food choices must be made ??according to each season, climate and health. The macrobiotic diet is a way extreme vegetarianism combined with ideas from Zen Buddhist philosophy has found acceptance among believers in natural feeding and food "organic", and also many dissatisfied with the established social order and the modern food industry. His supporters traverse ten levels of dietary restriction until that feed grain only.

The macrobiotic diet is based mainly on the intake of whole grains such as rice, barley, maize and wheat, which can be eaten boiled, stewed, in soups, pies or cakes. It is also important to add to the fruit and vegetable diet, and for the animal protein that the body requires is advisable to combine the aforementioned foods with lean meat (fat) beef and skinless chicken and fish. addition, the scheme Eat less dairy products, which should be replaced by green leafy vegetables, as they contain lots of vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron and folic acid, which prevents nutrient deficiency. Notably, some say that this diet is prohibitive and can lead his followers to be malnourished, but actually allowed to eat all foods, the key is to choose the best quality balancing quantities.

Balance between yin and yang foods

Classify foods into two categories: ying (Food liabilities) and yang (active food). There must be a balance between yin and yang foods to achieve health and fitness and mental health. For them, some yin foods are: carp, clams, watermelon, potatoes, prunes, sugar, honey and garlic. Horse meat, chicken eggs and duck, pork and caviar are yang. Cereals, and vegetables offer the best balance between yin and yang. Among the nutrients, most B vitamins and vitamin C are ying while soluble (A, D, E and K) and B6 are yang. These classifications are meaningless from any scientific standpoint.

The system consists of a series macrobiotic ten diets that are numbered from -3 to +7. The first five (-3 to +2) include decreasing amounts of animal foods, are practically vegetarian diets. The others are exclusively vegetarian and contain increasing amounts of wheat grains to the diet until 7 which is composed exclusively of crushed cereal grains.

Dehydration problems

This system advises a limitation in the drinking water, which can lead to serious dehydration problems as highlighted in a publication originated precisely to step out into the diets recommended a drinking water restriction (Grande- Covián, 1993). Other ideas unfounded this doctrine is that the body is able to perform the transmutation of chemical elements, whereby, for example, can be produced from sodium potassium and oxygen, which is entirely feasible.

Its use as a slimming diet

According to his followers no disease can not be cured using "natural" food and restricting the drinking water, and any disease is easier to cure the cancer through the use of a macrobiotic diet, especially the grade 7, ie, composed solely of the grain. It is also recommended for use as slimming diet.

A typical macrobiotic diet would consist of:
  • 50-60% of grams of cereal. 
  • 20-25 & vegetables. 
  • 5-10% legumes. 
  • 5% soups.

Seaweed varying proportions

It avoids all types of meat, milk or dairy products, and is usually rare among his followers the vitamin supplements (Kushi & Jack, 1987) often appear so serious nutritional deficiencies. 
thus consuming a macrobiotic diet can lead a protein deficiency, quantitative and qualitative (protein intake of low quality) and a significant deficiency in vitamin B12, C and fat soluble vitamins (A and D). Also, is low in calcium and iron whose absorption is hindered by the presence of phytates. Among nutritional deficiencies detected by consumers of this diet include anemia, scurvy, hypocalcemia and hypoproteinemia. As already mentioned, the drinking water limit recommended by the macrobiotic system is another serious danger. No wonder, therefore, that some of his followers recommending forget everything we know about nutrition. "

Although the macrobiotic diet is a diet old, has been considered as a serious risk to the health of the population (Grand Jury of the State of New Jersey, 1966), knowing deaths among his followers. Currently re-emerged and even women's magazines disclosure presented as a true panacea.

The macrobiotic diet divides foods into two types:

Ying foods
are foods that should be eaten sparingly, because their energy is debilitating: sugar, honey, alcoholic beverages, tropical fruits like banana, mango, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, plums, vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, tomato , garlic and beets, milk, white bread, sausages, meat, eggs, clams, vitamin C, spices, processed foods, preserved foods, dyes or chemical ingredients.

Yang foods
are the food needed, because their energy is invigorating: cereals (wheat, rye, corn, barley, millet, oats), vegetables, seaweed, fish occasionally, vitamins A, B6, D, E and K, and vegetables grown without pesticides in home gardens, which has found wide acceptance among food industry rivals. It is very important to prepare steamed food should be cooked with iodized sea salt.

Example menu

A Bancha tea or tea mu 
A cream of millet or rice with cinnamon and raisins sesame rice crackers with sesame puree or vegetable pate

A miso soup or vegetable with seaweed and soy sauce 
A combination plate of boiled rice with kombu seaweed and vegetable protein (legumes, seitan or wheat gluten, tofu or tofu, tempeh or fermented soybeans) 
A little cooked apple or cereal (grits or wheat) with fruit jelly made ??with agar-agar seaweed 
tea bancha A

A tea 
Rice cakes with jam or vegetable paté

A vegetable soup with shiitake (Japanese mushroom) and daikon (turnip species) 
Vegetables steamed rice or some fish

Disadvantages Beware

Take as little protein can lead you to a risk of anemia and malnutrition. With this power have been cases of scurvy and calcium deficiency. Furthermore, as drinking water is restricted, it may suffer from dehydration or renal insufficiency.

As you may have noticed, many of the foods are hard to come by being of Japanese origin (millet, soybean, algae, tempeh, tofu, etc.). And maybe bother you that by not eating much, you can limit your social and family life and surrounding yourself with pure finish macrobiotic friends.

It is convenient to carry out this diet without any medical supervision, because as prevents vitamin supplements, low in calcium and iron, the main allies of women, can cause you nutritional deficiencies.

If you decide to try this diet, it is important to get regular medical examinations to keep track of your levels of iron and vitamin B12.