Healthy Breakfast: Choices To Start The Day With Health

Healthy breakfast may well be nutritious, and fast, and at the same time - useful. And, contrary to popular belief, it is not only sugar free muesli with skimmed milk or cold pack cheese. There are other options for lunch in a hurry of the foods, but with health benefits.

Healthy breakfast: what is so special?

We are all in the morning somewhere in a hurry, and often have breakfast almost on the run, or do not eat breakfast at all. Meanwhile, a healthy breakfast - is a guarantee of our victories and successes throughout the day, as well as a pledge of cheerfulness, enviable health and positive mood.

Some people believe that a healthy and fast breakfast - it's a kind of low-calorie dish that can be eaten within a couple of minutes: like a sandwich with cheese, or a bowl of oatmeal, hastily filled with cold milk. Typical error! First, a healthy breakfast should be warm, as any cold food too quickly bypasses the stomach, still digested in the intestine. This inevitably causes a feeling of heaviness and bloating, painful cramps and discomfort. That's really very difficult to then live and work effectively throughout the day with such symptoms. Second, breakfast should be truly healthy - and that means that we deliberately exclude any prepared food, warmed up in the microwave, and accustom yourself to use the oven or roaster.

Quick Menu: 4 choices for breakfast with health

So our main criteria for breakfast: a healthy, nutritious and quick to prepare. Think options one, two and miscalculated? No. We offer 4 most simple recipes based on the most mundane of products, and then the list you will be able to continue themselves. 

Hot sandwiches. Prepare a healthy breakfast on the principle of hot sandwiches - a pleasure for the whole family. And the scope for creativity here is huge - every day you can invent something new. For example, a sweet option for a refreshing cup of coffee: Spread white (preferably corn) bread with a thin layer of butter on top lay the slices of apples or pears and sprinkle with brown sugar (to fruit is not oxidized). Preparing sandwiches on grill, in the oven or in the roster. Another option: the slices of corn bread (the best option - the bread "8 grains"), pre-lubricated with oil, spread a thin layer of meat, sprinkle with herbs and grated cheese. Wait a couple of minutes, until boiling a kettle for tea or coffee and works roster, and your healthy breakfast is ready. And most importantly - delicious!

Curd. course, you can quickly put a pack of low-fat cottage cheese in a bowl, pour the milk and fill with sugar - and seems to be a healthy breakfast is ready. But we have agreed that for the sake of his health only eat warm food. So do curd cheese toasts with spicy ham and tomato slices. For this pre-mix 150g granulated fat cottage cheese with chopped fresh herbs and 1ch.l. Dijon mustard. Bread (better to take small ciabatta), cut and place on a baking sheet, sprinkled with olive oil. Along with the pieces of bread can be heated and halved tomatoes. Send the pan in the oven or in a roster for 3-5 minutes. Then warm the tomatoes cut into slices, spread on bread and cottage cheese. Top - slices of tomatoes. Bacon can be fried in a pan (if then do not forget to blot it with paper towels to remove excess fat), and you can immediately put on the hot bread slices on top of cheese and tomatoes. Tasty and healthy breakfast is on the table!

Porridge. Usually instead a healthy breakfast of porridge we fobbed off with rapid flakes with milk. But in vain! Porridge can be made ??as quickly, but benefit from it would be much more. After porridge classified nourishing dishes, but it is not complete. Cook it in the morning is not necessary - you can fill the night with boiling water and cereal for breakfast porridge cooked your own. Add the fruit or pieces of fruit, a couple of teaspoons of honey or low fat yogurt - and you have the option of sweet porridge. And you can add slices of fried ham, salad and a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, and then be able to enjoy a healthy breakfast one who is not too fond of sweets.

Eggs. Eggs usually still eat hot, because the world is not so much fans to drink it raw. But boiled eggs that you swallow on the run - not the best healthy breakfast. It is best to make an omelet, quickly mix the ingredients to your taste: slices of tomato and sweet pepper, hot pepper, onions or green onions, slices of ham and whatever your heart desires more. Cut the template for an omelette can be in the evening - it will take no more than 10 minutes. Beat the eggs with a little milk, salt mixture. On heated pan pour preparation, fry a minute, pour in the egg mixture. Fried omelet this immediately - do not have time to blink an eye, and a healthy breakfast is ready.

To some, these healthy breakfast recipes seem too banal. But we are not trying to open a culinary America. But tried to save you time, not to complicate your morning while feeding delicious breakfast with health benefits. We hope we've made it!

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