Information About Coffee

Coffee - one of the most popular and oldest drinks in the world. Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee. With milk and sugar, cold water, lemon and even salt ... Its unique taste and aroma creates a real coffee people. Coffee - it is more than a drink. Coffee - the art of pleasure .

Coffee - benefits

- The stimulating effect of coffee . Due to the content of caffeine drink has a refreshing effect, which is familiar lovers morning coffee. Why is this happening? Caffeine improves blood flow to the brain and activates even short-term memory, which helps to make operational decisions, increases efficiency and can reduce fatigue. Due to its tonic effect drink helps to cope with stress, overcome apathy, lethargy and sleepiness.

- High levels of antioxidants . We all know that over time, exposure to oxygen iron rusts. A similar effect on our body by free radicals of oxygen. Antioxidants (or antioxidants) neutralize free radicals, thereby protecting healthy cells. The more antioxidants, the stronger the protection. One cup of coffee contains about 1000 mg of antioxidants. This quarter the daily norm.

- Reduce the risk of certain diseases . Regular coffee consumption can protect against diseases such as liver cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes type II diabetes, alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. And if you drink coffee without sugar, you can prevent tooth decay.

In addition to this coffee has beneficial effects on the immune and digestive systems. Drink increases the secretion of gastric juice, which in turn, promotes better digestion of all foods.

Coffee - History

In this section you will find our encyclopedia that right opening coffee , the greatest drink of all time belongs to ... goats. This is what tells an old Ethiopian legend that we remember, trying to reproduce the history of mankind dating this miracle drink.

We have followed all the metamorphoses of preparation technology of today's "nectar of wisdom" - from the banal coffee decoction of leaves and wine from coffee berries to the revolutionary invention of instant version. You will learn how to transform to be known as a beverage can read about all the intermediate versions, which were the basis of this magic word - coffee .

In this section we examine the geography of the triumphal march of coffee, especially the conquest of them from different countries and the answers to many interesting questions.

What is coffee?

To " What is coffee "- is a kind of our" cognitive Page ". Here you will learn all about the wonderful tree, generously giving us their grain to prepare a refreshing drink - coffee. We will explain the intricacies of growing, harvesting and processing coffee beans, because the matter of the present judges of honor - to know everything about your favorite beverage! For example, the sub-section you will be aware of the major industrial varieties of coffee beans - " Robust "and" Arabica ", about which of the variety has a higher content of caffeine, what factors affect the quality and taste of the drink.

You become a connoisseur of all types of roasted coffee beans , varieties of grinding and try along with us into the mystery of preparing the coffee mixture . Thus, from the amateurs - the professionals!


Good organic coffee roasters should be part artist and part scientist, to achieve the desired quality and consistency. In the roasting process sugar, starches and fats inside the coffee bean are emulsified, caramelized and produce coffee oil. It is these oils give coffee its distinctive taste and aroma. Oils give coffee egosobstvenny flavor.

Preparation of blends

Preparation of coffee blends - a process which is the most suitable combination of several types of coffee, when you select them from the more than 100 different types of coffee beans. Each type of coffee has special characteristics that are very important for the balance of flavors needed to create high-end high-end coffee.

Experienced organic coffee roaster, with his knowledge of each coffee bean and its special features, select coffees from different regions of the world and then skillfully combines them, mixing flavors.

Knowledge roasters for blending - carefully guarded secret.

Grinding coffee beans

Another important processing of coffee beans - grind. In the process, reveals fragrance oils contained in grains.


Whence come to us these wonderful grains, bestowing peace and courage? Which countries grow coffee trees? What is the area of ??coffee plantations in each of these countries? How many thousands of tons of coffee annually consume around the world? Which varieties are most popular? What percentage of the world's preferred option soluble drink, and what - aroma of freshly brewed coffee grounds?

All these questions - and, of course, many others will answer our encyclopedia section entitled "The global market of coffee." We will try to make the information in this section (the modern form of the motion direction and coffee on our planet) was presented in a fascinating way, but it does not lose its seriousness, urgency and impartial scientific.

Coffee Recipes

In " Coffee Recipes "you will see that the preparation of flavored beverage called" coffee "does not always require a professional hand. By following our recipes and rules, you present unforgettable moments all tasted cooked your coffee. We propose to embark on an exciting journey around the world - it is no secret that every country has its own special way of making coffee . You will learn how they cooked, and it is now brewed this truly excellent drink Arabs, Turks, Italians, Japanese, Polish and many other nations.

We invite you to enjoy a cold coffee cocktails at the debilitating heat. As well as toning hot cocktail of organic coffee that can warm you and your family in the harsh winter cold. And, of course, you will find recipes of traditional, much-loved black coffee.

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