Interesting Facts In Recipes

 Vanilla, coffee mocha, chocolate and cinnamon are considered "heavy" companions wine, although their scents and colors present in the flavors of various wines. But whiskey never seize herring or cucumber.
  The ancient Slavs believed that the "mother" was a mess of bread, and put it this way. Brewed once ancient cook porridge and cereals accidentally poured more than it should. Instead of cereal turned tortilla. Dress down as follows careless cook, neighbors still try a new dish. And apparently, were satisfied, because set to improve: instead of cereals, over time, to use the flour.
  Exquisite design for cold dishes, desserts, soft drinks - ice cubes with flowers, Lay in the form of ice flowers hypericum, lime, blackberry, cranberry, mint leaves, cover with warm boiled water and freeze.
  Capers used in food are capers biting. They are a vegetable, in the flower buds and fruits which contains proteins, oils and vitamins. Common in Europe, North Africa, North America and India. In some regions, such as Dagestan, are used in cooking wild capers.
  Canned in oil dried tomatoes first began in southern Italy, and now they can be found almost everywhere. For canning tomatoes sliced, salted and dried in the sun to have gone all the moisture and the flavor is more intense. Dried tomatoes pour vegetable oil with spices.
  Few people today know that this soup - this chowder hogweed, a plant that most people today consider a weed. That broth hogweed on beet kvass in the old days was called borscht. So the appearance of one of the favorite dishes we have to weed.
  Mango - the "relative" pistachio. Mango is considered the birthplace of India. In the center is a large mango fruit leaf stone, reminiscent of pistachio. This similarity is not surprising, as the mango and pistachio are a family of sumach.

  The name "cheesecake", apparently derived from the word "Vatra", which in most Slavic languages ??means "fire", "home". In fact, this name suits best Open round patty shape resembling the sun. After all, home to the ancient peoples was the symbol of the star.
  It is proved that not only vitamins, but even the color of food affects the health and mood. Such as carrots, oranges, sea buckthorn, peaches, apricots, melons, squash and pumpkin orange energize, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation. Orange color radiates joy and frees us from negative emotions, makes sociable and creative.
  Pripuskaniya - is cooking in a small amount of liquid just below the boiling point. Pripuskaniya makes products more tender and preserves nutrients and flavors.

  Vaunted as a hangover cure, menudo soup actually is especially popular in Mexico in the New Year's morning. It is cooked beef from the films of the stomach and calves feet, green chilies, peeled corn grains and spices. Served with him usually go lime slices, large quantities of chopped chilies and onions, and serve it with hot tortillas.

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