Tips For Handling Of Milk And Milk Products

  • Fresh milk should be stored in a dark place, as in the light, it loses much of vitamins A and C, and quickly turns sour.
  • Useful vestigial in milk are better preserved and is no longer sour, by boiling it with sugar (1 teaspoon to 1 liter of milk) or soda (a pinch to 1 liter of milk).
  • A boiling milk can not long hold on the fire, as this it loses its beneficial qualities.
  • To a boiling milk foam does not appear, it is necessary to interfere with its boiling and then rapidly cooled.
  • The milk is not burnt by boiling, you need to put into it a piece of sugar. Milk is not the foothills, if pre-rinse dishes with water.
  • Burnt milk loses bad taste, if a pot of milk to put in a large pot of cold water and pour in the milk a little salt and stir.
  • Burnt milk should immediately pour into another bowl, then the smell of it will be felt less.
  • Baked milk can be made in the ordinary thermos. To do this, pour the hot milk is boiled in hot water rinse the thermos and close the lid. After 6-7 hours in a thermos of milk becomes fragrant, acquire color melted.
  • Melted milk froth can be prepared in a pressure cooker if it boil 20 minutes, then allow to cool him with a pressure cooker.
  • The milk is not "run away", it is necessary to lubricate the inner walls of the pan with butter or ghee 5 centimeters above the level of milk.
  • Milk and butter should not be stored next to cheese, because the smell of cheese spreads easily.
  • After boiling milk to rapidly cool, pour into a bottle with a wide neck or glass jars, put in a bowl of cold salted water, cover with cheesecloth and place in a dark place. The water from time to time so that it was always cold.
  • The milk is not soured have a glass jug with milk put into a wide bowl with water, cover the jar with a clean cloth so that its edges are immersed in water.
  • Yogurt can be made very quickly if the sides and bottom of the dish with milk grate cumin. After 1-2 minutes yogurt is ready.
  • To keep the oil fresh for longer, you need to put it in the nipple or clay pot and place in a bowl of cold, salted water, changing it.
  • You can wrap the butter in a cloth soaked in a mixture of vinegar and water, or put it in a tight glass jar and pour vinegar on the 2-3 cm
  • The oil in the hot weather does not melt, if the oil can wrap a cloth soaked in salt water.
  • Butter and margarine should be stored in an opaque container, since under the action of light they osalivayutsya (surface layer of turns white and gets the smell of bacon.)
  • Oil and fatty foods should not be kept in plastic container: they quickly deteriorate and become an unpleasant odor.
  • Rancid butter, and fat can be used in food, if filling them with boiling water, which added a bit of baking soda, then mix well, when the mass has cooled, drain the water. Repeat this procedure two or three times.
  • Rancid taste in the oil or fat can be removed by heating them with onion rings and a slice of bread and cut into pieces with raw potatoes.
  • Left after frying oil can be used again, this should drain it and add a few drops of lemon juice (but better to use the new oil as frying accumulate harmful veschetsva).
  • Butter for roasting not darken when heated frying pan previously greased with oil.
  • If you add the sour cream, a little milk, it does not curdle in the soup, sauce or gravy.
  • Rancid ghee disappear if for a few days to put in a carrot.
  • To keep cheese or cheese, to wrap them in a cloth that has been soaked in salt water.
  • Cheese, yoghurt and cheese can be stored in an enamel saucepan, putting 4.3 sugars, cover and keep in a cool place.
  • Cheese in the fridge should be kept in place, the most remote from the freezer, pre-wrapped in polyethylene foil fire. In the paper it dries.
  • Cheese store house 10 days, mild 2-3 days. Kalamber, creamy - not more than 2 days. In processed cheese shelf life longer, provided that it is wrapped in foil.
  • Cheese long wither if it is put in a glass bowl and cover with a saucer of cold water.
  • Some foods (butter, margarine, beef, etc.) often stick to the paper, in which they are wrapped. If we substitute the package under cold running water, paper easily fall behind.
  • The cured cheese wrap for several hours a cloth moistened with milk, and it becomes softer.
  • Dried cheese to put on two days in sour milk, and it will again become fresh.
  • Sliced ??cheese can not be kept open for over an hour, as he weathered, dry out and lose flavor.
  • Cheese should be cut with a knife, heated in hot water.
  • To spread butter on bread just taken out of the refrigerator should pour boiling water knife.
  • To become a particularly cheese tastes good, it is necessary to soak it in a day or two of cold water.
  • To curd was sour, you need to mix it with an equal amount of milk, leave for an hour, then recline in gauze.
  • To cheese dishes were tasty, it must be passed through a meat grinder or through a sieve.

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