Tips For Cooking More Healthfully

Make A Healthy Food 

Make A Healthy Food

Here are some suggestions for healthy food confection that, in addition to highlight their flavor, also preserve its food value. 

foods provide nutrients to the man he needs. However, the way is prepared very important in perspective of a healthy diet. 

Since the discovery of fire that the man began to cook some of the food it consumes, improving its digestibility and altering its structure. 

Such changes may be beneficial or detrimental, being therefore necessary to know the most correct confectioner foods. 

We present some suggestions for healthy food confection that, in addition to highlight their flavor, preserve its  healthy food  value. 

A Healthy Food

This type of cooking is very healthy confection. It should place the food least possible cut in boiling water and boil so that the intensity does not decrease during the cooking time. This strategy allows the exchange of nutrients in the water is low. 

Cooking in a pressure cooker with little water - just enough to cover  healthy food  - baked or steamed brings out the natural flavor of food and preserves its nutritional principles. 

Boil the potatoes in their skins prevents loss of vitamin C and enhances its flavor. 

The waters of cooking, because they are rich in nutrients that food drop out, can and should be used for grout - rice, pasta, soups ... 

A trick: adding a little vinegar, lemon juice or wine to the cooking water, the food will be stiffer, not risking to dispose (which may be fine, for example, in the case of fish). 

Meat and fish should cook with your own fat, so should avoid the addition of any fat during this type of culinary confection. If it is really necessary, it should be used lard or olive oil. 

Preparing a marinade time on the previous day, where (s) part (s) roasting should remain until such time being confecionada. The interior of the animals that are baked integers (fish, poultry or other) must also be tempered. 

The sauce used to baste the roast should be at own marinade. They cover up the pieces with aluminum foil until they are cooked - to "give color" to roast, you must remove it. If any (s) part (s) be burned must be rejected. 

This type of confection is similar to baking, but here, starts the process at low temperature. 

In a pan, joins onion, peppers and tomatoes, a little fat (or chorizo, for example) and some water leftover gravy or a stew. Then join the meat or fish, and only after they were half ready, add other  healthy food  (because they need less time to bake). 

Use leeks, cabbage white, flower and heart, or other greens enriches the dish at nutrition and flavor. Use of herbs adds pleasing palates and allows the use of very little or no salt. In this type of confection include the bib and stews that require less water. 

the fritters The problem is a lot of fat using very high temperatures and the fat that is submitted. 

The elevated temperatures degrade the fats, transforming them into compounds harmful to health. These two reasons are more than enough in order to avoid this kind of culinary confection. 

However, it should be stressed in use frying oil, peanut oil or lard, at a constant temperature of approximately 180 ° - and while heating the fat to quit smoking. 

The potatoes should be cut as thick as possible and fish and meat should be lean. 

The dough for cookies, bait for cod or similar products should be rich in water and to prevent entry of fat. 

After frying, the food should be immediately placed on absorbent paper and you will get healthy food.

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