Tips For Cooking Soup

Tips For Cooking Soup
  1. To obtain a clear broth, you need to cook it first on high heat. Once the broth boils, remove the foam, reduce the heat and slowly cook until done.
  2. Of frozen meat to give a clear broth, to add to his well-washed shells of two eggs, (at the end of cooking, remove the shells).
  3. The broth is clear, if it throw a piece of ice and bring to boil.
  4. If you want to use for the sauce or broth filler, it does not need salt.
  5. Stir with a wooden spoon to soup slow circular movements. This ensures the correct thickness of soup, not violated the integrity of the vegetables. Should not be left in the finished soup, bay leaf.
  6. Crushed garlic to add to the soup at the very end of cooking.
  7. Broth will become particularly pleasant taste, if cooked to put into it a piece of dry cheese.
  8. Broth to continue for several days in the fresh form, it should drain, put on the fire to boil it again, and then let it cool down, removing the cover.
  9. Just boiled broth loses its taste if it for a long time to hold on a hot plate.
  10. Before you remove the soup from the heat, you need to add a little juice of carrots, tomatoes, cabbage - it will enrich the soup with vitamins.
  11. If the soup was very bold, you need to filter it through a cloth soaked in cold water - the fat will remain on a rag.
  12. If the soup is too salty, you need to put in a raw potato and cook it a little bit. You can also hold a soup spoon with a piece of sugar. Once the sugar starts to dissolve, remove the spoon from the sugar will absorb the salt.
  13. In salted rice soup can be omitted, tied in a rag, broth boil, then salt will remain in rice. Beef broth to add salt for half an hour before the end of cooking, the fish - in the beginning, mushroom - at the end of cooking.
  14. If the foam stock sank to the bottom, you need to pour in a little cold water.
  15. Beef bones for soup need to be cut, then are quickly digested nutrients. Veal and pork bones (recommended lightly toast in the oven.
  16. In the chicken broth does not need to put any seasonings except onions and carrots, or lose flavor.
  17. To prepare the broth or soup of quail to remove from the vertebral bones, as they give the broth bitter.
  18. Chicken soup will taste better if you put it in 2.1 fried bones.
  19. The broth will become a pleasant aroma and a golden color, if carrots, parsley, celery, onion cut in half and fry on one side of the pan, then put in the pan.
  20. The broth will be a beautiful and appetizing, if you add a broth of onion peel, it needs to boil the husks from one or two bulbs for 15-20 minutes in a little water and drain.
  21. Put in potato soup vegetables containing acid (pickles, sorrel, sour cabbage), to the very end of cooking, or the potatoes will remain tough.
  22. Fresh tomatoes should be put in the soup for 10 minutes before end of cooking.
  23. Before loading it into the soup spices and fry the onion is recommended that during the cooking does not escape aromatics. Before you pour the soup boiled egg, you need to mix it with a bit of chilled broth.
  24. If the soup turned liquid, it can be charged with a white crumb of stale bread soaked in broth and rubbed through a sieve.
  25. The soup with noodles not turned turbid, to omit the noodles for one minute in hot water and drain in a sieve, then put into the broth and cook until tender.
  26. The rice soup was a clear need to put the washed rice for 3-5 minutes in boiling water, recline on a sieve, then pour in the broth.
  27. Vegetable soup is tasty and nutritious, if before serving, add the milk, cream or sour cream.
  28. Soup with pearl barley will not get a bluish tint when the rump boil until almost cooked separately and then put in the soup.
  29. Dumplings, gnocchi, omit to cool the hot water. When they come to the surface - so ready.
  30. Fish soup is not recommended to fill flour or pasta.
  31. Vegetable soups that do not have potatoes and cereals, it is recommended to fill lightly fried flour - they will be much tastier.
  32. Since noodles, pasta, rice boiled soft poorly in milk, should, before believing milk soup, boil them 3-6 minutes in the water.
  33. Sauerkraut soup to add salt after the cabbage is cooked - or you may overshoot the mark.
  34. Soup cook first on high heat, then removing the foam and putting greens, Bates fire and continue to cook, covered.
  35. Cucumbers for pickle should be cooked separately in a little water and add to the soup is almost ready.


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